Celine Chong Shze Ling

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Personal Particulars

Name: Celine Chong Shze Ling

Email: celinechongshu@163.com

Gender: Female

Nationality: Singapore Citizen

Office: C300

Personal Motivation/Summary 个人简介

I completed one-year teacher training course with an International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers from the University of Cambridge. The experience was very unforgettable for it had broadened my goals and perspectives towards teaching as a career. The knowledge I acquired from these diploma – design, practice, assessment and evaluation - inspires and motivates me to choose teaching as a career.

I like to interact with young people and get along with them. In addition, I look forward to molding them into individuals who contribute to society. I am able to implement creative pedagogy that would engage the interests of my learners.

As I obtained my bachelor degree in science background (Materials Engineering), I knew that there was some deficiencies. Then, I continued my further study in Shanghai University master degree programme of linguistics and applied linguistics to enhance my knowledge and theory as to be a more qualified foreign teacher to educate my learners in a more specific and adequate way to fulfill their needs.

Working Experience 工作经历


Foreign Teacher (School of Foreign Language)

· To educate undergraduates English language as a second language.

· To teach in an effective and appropriate manner according to the syllabus and the guidance of the Course Leader and Coordinator to contribute to the syllabus design and curriculum development by giving regular feedback about the course delivery. This includes regular feedback to students on their progress, both in written and oral forms.

· To build up confidence of the students in speaking and presentation.

· To contribute to the achievement of academic targets for student performance.

· To keep records of the course outline, lesson plans, student attendance, homework, test results, etc, and make them available to line manager.

· To give sufficient academic support and pastoral care to students in and out of class.

· To closely monitor student progress, collect feedback from them and adapt the teaching approaches to suit student needs.


SHANGHAI UNIVERSITY国精产品一区亚洲 2013年9月 – 2016年6月

Master of Literature (Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Language), full time

文学系硕士研究生学位(外国语言学及应用语言学), 全日制

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE 英国剑桥大学 2006年1月 – 2007年1月

Cambridge International Diploma (Professional Level) for Teachers and Trainers


THE COLLEGE OF TEACHER, UK 英国师范学院 2006年6月 – 2006年10月

Certificate of Educational Studies (Speech & Drama) 教育证书(演讲与戏剧)



Bachelor of Applied Science (Material Engineering) 应用科学学士学位 (材料工程系)

Honor 荣誉

Teacher of the Year (School of Foreign Language, Shanghai University) 优秀外籍教师 2013-2023

Won the 2015-2016 Secretary-General of Shanghai Putuo District Yinchuhu Kindergarten荣获上海市普陀区银锄湖幼儿园家委会秘书长 2015-2016

Won the Magic Night activity organizer (3 campuses Parent-committee Representatives Group) of Jiangsu Road No.5 Primary School, Changning District, Shanghai (2016-2020) 荣获上海市长宁区江苏路第五小学校级家委会Magic Night活动组织人 (2016-2020)

2014 National Photo Exhibition of China in Foreign Teacher’s Eyes (Third Prize) 2014”外教看中国”荣获三等奖

Scenery dreams are made of By Celine ChongShzeLing (opinion/ Expats teachers zoom in China) 2015-05-20 published by Chinadaily.com.cn 风景之梦作品是由中国日报网(意见/外籍教师在中国放大)2015-05-20 刊出

Outstanding Foreign Teacher of Shanghai University (International Office) 优秀外籍教师 2008-2010

CIB W112 International Conference on Multi-National Construction Projects Represent Shanghai Government------ The Shanghai Municipal Committee for Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation responsible for translation work (speech) on the stage (21st November 2008 in Tongji University)

代表上海市政府----上海市城乡建设和交通委员会参与“跨国工程建设的文化及其冲突解决”国际学术会议 的台上发言翻译工作(2008年11月21日同济大学主办)

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